How are first-grade teachers qualified to talk to kids about sex? | LETTER

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File

Much controversy has followed the recent signing of a Florida bill (HB 1537) that prohibits public schools from teaching various sex related subjects to children in kindergarten through third grade. The bill is short and easily available to read online for those who care to see what is really in it.

My point is: What exactly are the qualifications of these elementary school teachers who would be espousing these new paradigms? What training have they received in these subjects?

Clark County, for example, is woefully short of qualified teachers, to the point of waiving many traditional hiring requirements and certifications. Not to stereotype the “average” teacher (many are professional, dedicated and motivated) but — let’s face it — many are also young, right out of school themselves, possibly without children of their own, and are up to their ears just in classroom management challenges. Suddenly, we are asked to let these “teachers” fill the impressionable minds of our youngest children with sexual identity subjects when many of their students are just trying to figure out how to read and which bus to catch home.

There are certain subjects that are best left to parents. Let the teachers educate, not indoctrinate.