Findlay Automotive supports Baby’s Bounty

Findlay Findlay’s Tyler Corder presents a check to Kelly Maxwell, Baby’s Bounty’s executi ...

Ensuring that a family has the essentials when bringing a baby home can be overwhelming for those who struggle to make ends meet.

Kim Amato witnessed the fear and frustration of many of these families and saw firsthand the long-term impact this had on the children of low-income families. As a result, Amato established Baby’s Bounty in July 2008.

The mission of Baby’s Bounty is to provide parent empowerment through education. Baby’s Bounty offers numerous classes, including “Our Safe Sleep” and “Baby Basics,” both sponsored by REMSA. Baby’s Bounty also offers classes that empower teen parents to take care of their newborns as well as have a safe place to discuss critical issues.

After completing these classes the mother will receive the Baby Bundle, which is essentially a baby shower in a bag. Each bundle includes items necessary for a newborn’s health, safety and well-being. Baby’s Bounty maintains various diaper banks throughout the valley, created to address the need.

Findlay Automotive Group is helping the organization reach its goals.

“We love the mission of Baby’s Bounty to help low-income mothers with resources to care for their newborn infants,” Findlay’s Tyler Corder said. “Every child deserves a good start in life and Baby’s Bounty works hard to make that a reality.”

After dealing with the global pandemic, the nation quickly turned its eyes to the war in Ukraine.

“We were all in our office watching the news as that Ukrainian maternity hospital was being bombed,” said Kelly Maxwell, Baby’s Bounty’s executive director. “We were horrified and felt helpless.”

The Baby’s Bounty organization got to work and started a Ukraine diaper bank and teamed up with Convoy of Hope to distribute a large number of diapers to the mothers in need across Ukraine.

Since May 2020, the Baby’s Bounty organization has distributed over 1.3 million diapers and 3.7 million wipes to over 25,000 families in need in Southern Nevada. Volunteers at the diaper banks have reported that without the work of Baby’s Bounty and contributions from places like the Findlay Automotive Group, some families would have to make the heartbreaking choice between buying diapers and buying food.

“The donation we received from the Findlay Automotive Group is incredible. The impact of that donation is going to help so many families in Southern Nevada. We are so grateful for their support,” Maxwell said.