Derek Carr’s contract extension draws mixed reactions from Raiders fans

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) throws the football during the first half of an NFL football ...

Derek Carr will remain a member of the Silver and Black for another three years.

The Raiders and Carr agreed to a three-year contract extension worth $121.5 million which includes a no-trade clause.

Raiders fans have always had mixed feelings about the longest-tenured quarterback in the AFC, and the reaction to his extension was no different.

Arguably the best quarterback in the entire NFL, the Raiders really got a steal with this deal! Well done

— Future Nascar Driver (@ReagsStinks) April 13, 2022

The Derek Carr slander on this app is crazy. Dudes the best leader in the nfl

— nrc (@ncamps97) April 13, 2022

Look what Carr accomplished last year without his #1 receiver. Without Waller for 6 games. Jacobs for a few. Lost his head coach. Won 10 games, made the playoffs! He is the reason they have Davante Adams! Pay the man his money and watch what he does with this offense!!

— Austin Ross (@Adanger15) April 13, 2022

To those who say Derek Carr has gotten an extension when he’s done NOTHING.. what season did you watch in 2021? Did you forget what happened to Ruggs? Also, if you look back he has always had inconsistent receivers, so what do you expect him or dare I say the RAIDERS to do? 🤔

— ☠️RAIDER JOE ☠️ (@RAIDERJOE_24) April 13, 2022

People keep saying “worst QB in the division” like if you don’t put 23 other QBs in that spot they too would be the worst QB in that division.

— Dwayne Wayne 2.0 🇯🇲 🇺🇸 (@TecHead4Life) April 13, 2022

you need to consider the team carr has had around him most of his career. never had really had a good receiving core, never has had a decent defense, sometimes he didn’t even have a good oline..

— rahmi 🗿 (@rahmij2) April 13, 2022

So Davante Adams is gonna go from being a top receiver grabbing catches from arguably the best talent in the NFL, to having to get stuck with Derek Carr for 3 years. Good luck with that Davante Lavell Adams

— Josh in Inglewood (@josh_Inglewood) April 13, 2022

That’s it. As a raiders fan, this is the last straw. I’ll be taking my business to the Houston Texans, where they know how to run a successful team

— Alex Goodwin (@alex_goodwin7) April 13, 2022

What do you think about Carr’s contract extension?

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