There are choices … | LETTER

Beck Gerritson, president of Eagle Forum of Alabama, speaks at an anti-abortion rally outside t ...

Our society has lost an understanding of exactly what “choice” means, particularly when it comes to the consequences of our choices. I think this especially applies to the abortion debate.

Those in favor of abortion use the phrase “pro-choice” — as in a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, have the baby or not. But the choice was made when birth control methods were not used before or after sex. Pregnancy is the consequence of that choice. As President Bill Clinton once said, abortion should be safe, legal and rare. I think too often abortion is a substitute for birth control.

Recently, the Review-Journal ran a commentary about transgender athletes. This concept of choice and consequence applies to this discussion as well. A male athlete makes the choice to transition. Fine. But the consequence should be that this athlete cannot unfairly compete against biological females. A college or professional player chooses performance-enhancing drugs and they get suspended — an example of the consequence for that choice.

This concept should apply to other aspects of our society such as crime, bail reform and defund-the-police movements. How about inflation and the economy?

My wife told our children that you can choose the action, but you can’t choose the consequences. How would it be if we all considered the consequences before we made the choice?