The water solution is simple | LETTER

An aerial view of the Providence housing development near Knickerbocker Park in Las Vegas on Tu ...

Steve Sebelius wrote an insightful Sunday column, one that in many ways reflects recognition of the ongoing drought and deepening bathtub ring at Lake Mead. He, as do most writers, acknowledges the innovative and forward-thinking solutions to water management exhibited by the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

But what was passed right over was the elephant in the room. Mr. Sebelius writes, “About the only thing we haven’t done is put restrictions on new home development, but that’s another column for another day.” It is not for another day. It is the critical leading solution yet to be implemented in Clark County.

Presently there is a bill in Congress — fully supported by our delegation — promoting the sale of 31,000 acres of BLM land in Clark County, south of The M resort. The proposed development plan includes 292,000 homes, adding nearly 1 million residents to our valley.

It is time our politicians woke up to the water crisis and took steps to slow growth. The good intentions of the water authority will be for naught when we suffer the traffic nightmares of 1 million new residents, the overcrowding of our schools, the increase in the ambient temperature of Las Vegas brought on by auto pollution and the decrease in green ground cover from mandatory turf removal.

It is time for Clark County residents to demand that our county commissioners address the runaway growth threatening our water supply and air quality. I look forward to Mr. Sebelius’s “column for another day.”