Southwest Airlines unveils biggest travel discount for the summer

A Southwest Airlines plane takes off from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. (Las V ...

Calling all travel enthusiasts to the front as Southwest has just announced the ultimate travel deal of the summer.

Early Tuesday morning, Southwest Airlines announced one of its premier sales of the year. For folks looking to fly in late summer or into the fall, Aug. 16 to Nov. 5, 2022 to be specific, then you’ll be pleased to know tickets can be purchased for 40% off if you buy before this Thursday, June 9, at 11:59 p.m. CDT (9:59 p.m. in California).

This 40% promotion code savings will be valid for one-way as well as round trips and is applied before government taxes and fees. Interested individuals can use code “FALL40” in the promo code box when booking your flight. What better way to kickstart your new life in a new city than with a deal as solid as this one.

Like most deals too good to be true, this one does come with a couple of catches. This promotion code only applies to the base fare, that means no first class discounted flights. Not only is it reserved for base fares, but it is also only valid for select flights. There is a list located on the website of which cities the code can be used on, and it does include major cities in the American West as well as Hawaii.

As stated by Bill Tierney, the airlines vice president of marketing and digital experience, this discount also includes two free checked bags and no change or cancellation fees.

As the cost of travel has risen, this deal comes as a pleasant surprise for folks looking for adventure this summer.

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