Many Republicans remain deluded about the 2020 election | LETTER

A protestor is shown injured during a confrontation with police during a rally Wednesday, Jan. ...

After listening to the Jan 6 hearings, I’ve concluded that if you think Donald Trump or his lackeys will change their strategy going forward, you are naïve. I expect they will double down on saying that the hearings are political, the committee is illegitimate, the events were caused by tourists or left-wingers, etc.

They will never take responsibility for their roles in the time leading up to and including Jan. 6 or the consequences thereafter. It’s all about money and power — controlling the country. And if you think that any Republican will change his or her vote, you are even more naïve. Just look at the primary election results to see that election conspirators as well as people involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection are being nominated.

If you tell a lie enough times, some people will believe it. Republicans just don’t care that there was an attempted coup and that their leaders were the ones attempting to steal the election. They and their mouthpieces will keep repeating that the election was stolen over and over again.

But the 2020 election was not stolen by the Democrats. The Republicans, however, have set the stage for to do it themselves going forward. They have passed laws in several red states that allow Republican politicians to take over the election process if they don’t like what the election officials are doing. Just look at the politicians in New Mexico who won’t certify a recent election.

Expect even worse for the general election.

Liz Cheney for president.