Gas prices rise, AAA Nevada sees jump in calls from out-of-gas motorists

Jay Money pumps gas at a 7-Eleven station on East Lake Mead Blvd. on Monday, June 6, 2022, in N ...

Las Vegas Valley gas prices have set new record highs in each of the last six days, with Friday’s mark sitting at $5.55 per gallon of regular unleaded fuel, per AAA.

Friday’s price is a 4-cent spike over Thursday, a 21-cent jump in the last week and a 42-cent increase over the last month.

Nevada’s statewide average is at $5.62 per gallon Friday, also a record high, jumping 4 cents overnight. The state average being higher than the Las Vegas Valley is largely due to Reno hitting a $6 per gallon average.

The Reno area surpassed the $6 per gallon mark Thursday, increasing to a $6.02 per gallon average mark Friday.

Reno is just the fourth area outside of California to eclipse the $6 per gallon average, according to AAA spokesman John Treanor. The other areas include the Chicago metropolitan area, San Juan County in Washington state and Yukon, Alaska. The two latter locations are in remote areas, Treanor noted.

Nevada isn’t the only state seeing skyrocketing prices. The U.S. average also has been hitting new record highs daily, sitting at $4.98 per gallon Friday. The country’s average price is inching toward a never-before-seen, $5 per gallon mark.

“Supply and demand is a main cause of high prices,” Treanor said. “Supply of oil is down causing the price of a barrel to rise. There is high demand for gas in America.”

Although Treanor couldn’t directly tie it to the record gas prices, AAA has seen more calls in Nevada for motorists who’ve run out of gas. There’s been a 24 percent increase in calls in 2022, with 577 calls this year through June 1, compared with 464 during the same time period in 2021.

“AAA has had more calls for empty tanks but I can’t attribute that directly to rising costs, I can’t give you a specific reason,” Treanor said.

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