Caviar Bar at Resorts World Las Vegas offers a bump and a shot

The Layover cocktail at Caviar Bar in Resorts World includes Glenmorangie X, a single-malt scot ...

At Caviar Bar in Resorts World Las Vegas, you come for the caviar, of course. And if you’re fortunate, a couple hundred grams of the buttery briny beads will make themselves useful as they’re troweled onto homemade blini primed with crème fraîche.

But if the budget doesn’t run to $275 (or more) for 50 grams — about 1.75 ounces — of caviar, the roe is not lost. The bar offers a tasting version of the full-on caviar experience. It’s called a bump and a shot, and it features a small spoon of Kaluga caviar (from the Kaluga sturgeon) paired with a shot of Champagne of choice.

Make sure the Champagne is icy, absolutely glacial. A nibble (is that the right word?) of caviar, a sip of sparkling. Repeat as long as the caviar lasts. Don’t waste a single egg! If you must, swipe the spoon clean with your finger, then lick.

If you’re not feeling beads and bubbles, there’s more of interest at Caviar Bar.

Terry Clark, the lead bartender, has created a Layover built from Glenmorangie X, a single-malt scotch designed for cocktails, and from housemade apple-miso syrup balanced by fresh lime juice. A fan of green apple slices garnishes the drink, which is light yet substantial, with an earthy savory buzz from the scotch.

Clark also has fashioned a Strip View cocktail uniting Probitas white rum (blended from two Caribbean estates), housemade sorrel syrup, fresh lime and egg whites.

“Its vibrant hue comes from the sorrel syrup,” Clark said. In the Caribbean, sorrel refers to hibiscus, not the tart leafy green, and “sorrel is a popular drink made with dried hibiscus, cloves and allspice. Traditional egg whites are used to round out flavors and give the cocktail a velvety mouthfeel.”

The bumps and a shot is $64. The cocktails are $18.

Caviar Bar in Resorts World Las Vegas,

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